Private Insurance Leads

We offer the best private insurance long form leads for diabetic, pain cream, backbrace and other opt in lead verticals. Experience high conversion diabetic private insurance leads. Each lead is self reported opt in exclusive or semi depending on the product. Purchase leads risk free as we will replace any disconnected or wrong numbers.

Application Submission Mass Tort

Pain Cream Backbrace Leads

There are many different types of backbrace leads. We focus on opt in private insurance pain cream and back brace lead generation. They can be generated in real time, aged or live transfer.

Cost Options:

  • Live transfer Qualified Pain Cream Lead: $115
  • Internet Real Time Pain Cream Lead:  $65
  • Internet Opt In 24 to 48 hour Pain Cream Lead: $20
  • Internet Opt In Aged 30 Day Pain Cream Lead: 95 cents
  • Internet Opt In Aged 60 Day Pain Cream Lead: 45 cents
  • Internet Opt In Aged 90 Day Pain Cream Lead: 25 cents
  • Clearance Special – 120 day to 1 year internet opt in aged: 15 cents

Diabetic Leads

Find opt in diabetic leads for private insurance carriers. Lead generation companies for diabetic are hard to find. We focus on lead quality not quantity. Diabetic long form and short form leads are only a call away.

Long Form Private Insurance Leads

If you are looking for opt in private insurance leads than you have found the right lead source. At Lead Chemistry we provide long form private insurance leads for diabetic and other mobility and back brace verticals.


Cost Options:

  • Qualified exclusive live transfer long form lead: $38
  • Real time exclusive long form lead: $29
  • One day aged opt-in long form lead: $8
  • 24 hour to 5 day long form opt in lead: $6
  • Real 30 day opt-in long form leads from: 85 cents
  • True 30-60 day opt in long form leads: 49 cents
  • Opt in long form 90 days to 1 year leads: 25 cents

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