Mass Tort Leads

Quality mass tort leads for every vertical. Our mass tort lead generation service includes only top quality opt in leads. Choose from internet opt in leads, live transfer leads, and retainers. We focus on Zantac leads, Valsartan leads, 3M Earplug leads, Proton Pump Prilosec leads, Zantac leads, Hernia Mesh, Roundup leads, Juul, Travada leads and other popular case types. Lead generation for mass torts is an industry that we take seriously and only the best opt in campaigns are utilized. These can be generated online, radio, connected television such as Hulu or Sling and cable television.

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We can also offer intake and retainer services.

Application Submission Mass Tort

Application Submission

Potential Plaintiffs will submit their informational be contacted by an attorney regarding their case.
Initial Qualification Mass Tort

Initial Qualification

Review legal merits and due diligence regarding their case.

Retainer Submission Mass Tort

Retainer Submission

if approved, the plaintiff will be live transferred or sign and submit attorney retainer documents with DocuSign.

Mass Torts:

Our mass tort service goes beyond lead generation with top quality opt in leads and calls that can be generated through audio, display ads, social, search, OTT/Connected TV, and traditional forms of marketing.

Advertising Benefits For Your Law Firm With Lead Chemistry

– Access premium ad inventory
– Brand Safety
– Viewability
– Targeting Technologies
– Transparency
– Cross-Channel Programs

For law firms interested in financial partners to generate more cases. Lead Chemistry has a great working relationship with an investment bank Headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles. Detroit, Houston, Memphis, St. Louis, and Washington DC. The investment bank has relationships with over 65,000 institutional, private equity. venture capital, family offices, and strategic investors and can raise a minimum of $5 million to $1 billion in all industries. Many of them love to invest in the mass tort industry.

We will make the introduction and you only pay us when you sign their engagement agreement or can pay us a monthly referral fee.