Long Form Diabetic Leads

Lead Chemistry is generating on average between 8,000-12,000 records each week. Our diabetic long form records can be filtered for age and insurance type (i.e. Medicare or private insurance) and are generated as a real time posted to eligibility program or live transfer delivered straight to your office. In addition we also provide catheter, mobility, and back brace. Our long forms include approximately 32 tiers of information including physicians and insurance information. All records can be purchased from real time to one year old. Please contact us for further questions and pricing.for further questions and pricing.

    • Qualified exclusive live transfer long form diabetic lead: $38
    • Real time exclusive long form diabetic lead: $29
    • One day aged opt-in long form diabetic lead: $8
    • 24 hour to 5 day long form opt in lead: $6
    • Real 30 day opt-in long form diabetic leads from: 90 cents
    • True 30-60 day opt in long form diabetic leads: 49 cents
    • Opt in long form 90 days to 1 year diabetic leads: 25 cents

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