Debt Settlement Leads

Debt settlement
Lead Chemistry manages an extensive portfolio consumer finance focused properties that attract high-intent users wanting to settle their credit card, payday loans, medical bills and any other unsecured debt. Using a combination online form fills, click 2 call, warm live transfers, radio, television to help consumers identify the solutions that best match their financial objectives.
  • Call center live transfer debt settlement lead: $65
  • Internet opt in exclusive real time debt lead: $32
  • Internet opt in same day semi exclusive debt lead: $15
  • Call center verified appointment debt settlement lead: $20
  • 24 – 48 hour opt in debt settlement lead: $12
  • New 20-30 day aged live transfer debt lead: $3
  • Internet opt in debt settlement leads (10-20 days): $2
  • Internet aged opt in 30 days or newer debt leads: 85 cents
  • Debt settlement fresh pull trigger leads: 24 cents

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