Consumer and Business Data

With approximately 250 million highly targeted email records, postal addresses and telephone numbers. These records are updated frequently to ensure the optimal deliverability of your marketing message. The technology available to market via online, email, and postal puts you in control when it comes to who you want to reach and where you want to reach them.

Learn how you can acquire new customers cost effectively with highly targeted online, email, postal and phone lists. The experts at Lead Chemistry provide the service and data you can expect and trust. 

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IP Targeting

Our IP Targeting solution uniquely incorporates both online and offline data from consumers, businesses, mobile devices, and Internet sites to create qualified audiences for any campaign.

If you’re an agency or a brand looking to increase the impact of your offline to online audience targeting, we are here to help you. Our extensive industry-specific data will help your organization reach the people-based audiences you want to target at scale, on time, and with complete transparency. 

  • IP Targeting: enables brands and agencies to identify qualified households and businesses
  • Big Data & Look-alike Modeling expands audience reach to build larger qualified audiences based on our data lists, customer CRM targets and Impressions data.
  • Mobile Targeting & Mobile Geofencing: transparently pinpoints and links audiences to homes, schools, and businesses, serving customized advertising based on audience attributes and current behavior.
  • Digital Attribution & Closed-Loop Analytics: provides deeper insight into your audience targeting efforts by connecting online and offline activity. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”; audience match-backs and closed-loop analytics ensures accuracy and better forecasting.