Auto Accident Leads

Auto Accident Leads


Find opt in auto accident leads nationwide or filter for your service area. We specialize in real time opt in auto accident leads and live transfers. Your auto accident and mva lead generation specialist.

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Buy Mva Leads


Your place to buy mva leads that have opted into receive information about their motor vehicle accident. Receive opt in mva leads via email or live transfer to your intake team.


Opt In Auto Accident Leads


Lead Chemistry focuses all marketing efforts to opt in auto accident leads. These are plaintiffs that were involved in an auto accident. Great return policy and we are very flexible with all of our clients!


Purchase Mva Leads


The best way to purchase mva leads is to ensure there is a great return policy and high conversion. Our live transfer mva leads have been qualified to ensure they meet your specific auto accident case criteria.

Auto Accident Lead Options:


1. MVA Live Transfers

Live Transfer leads generate through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Our team can utilize either the law firm social assets like their Facebook page or create our own page that is branded. We guarantee 20 live transfers over a 30-45 day period that are pre-screened (You may receive more and that will lower your cost which is our goal) Current clients convert at 60-65% and that is why ensure quality.

2. MVA Publisher Network:

Lead Publisher has built a network of publishers that generate motor vehicle accident leads or pedestrian motor vehicle accident leads both online form fills and calls either online or on Television.

Online Publishers:

Price will vary based on state, opt in leads or calls and budget. Our higher online tiers have a steady conversion of 20-25% that require a 30 lead minimum and will be $200+. Our lower tier online leads have a steady 8-10% conversion and a 20 lead minimum ($125-$175). All tiers have a 40% return policy.


Any media partner has minimum $25,000 spend and has a high conversion rate.  A quarter of all calls have been a Serious Injury (Broken bones, torn ligaments, surgery required, death) with no legal representation.

3. Let Us Be Your Advertising Partner!

Lead Chemistry is designed to help law firms (and their agencies) navigate both in the digital media and traditional advertising space no matter the budget. Let us help generate motor vehicle accident based on your KPI’s. Our team can manage and optimize in real time over 75 different products using audio, display, OTT/CTV, search, social, and more. Advertisers also see a minimum 10% boost in revenue.

Additional Benefits Working with Lead Chemistry



Automated Reports

The basic function of any reporting system is to provide the user with valuable information. The automated reports we send can be at any pacing, and can show (or not show) any metric at as micro or macro a scale as desired.

Audience Targeting

By using both direct targeting strategies (behavioral, demographic, geo-location, IP zone, contextual, and device type), and complex re-targeting strategies (site visitor, social, look-a-like, CRM, and search) Lead Chemistry is equipped to make sure that your advertising dollars are being well spent.

Planning & Buying

We have the teams and tools to provide our clients dedicated 24/7 support that decreases overhead, and ensures they’re staying up to date with their offerings.

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