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Lead Types
Lead Chemistry Offers Many In-demand Lead Verticals
All of our leads are 100% opt in compliant.
Lead Chemistry's in house technical / marketing team operates lead networks and capture pages from within the United States. They are responsible for ad creation, development, follow up, conversion updates, lead generation, auto dialer operation, email marketing deployment and many other day to day lead generation services.
These leads consist of business owners with contact information such as email address and phone number. They can be filtered by state of your choice and industry type to target your audience with pre-screened business and list data.
These clients have opted in online for information regarding credit repair and restoration. We generate mortgage and or auto declined leads, as well as our traditional internet opt in credit repair leads directly from the source. Close more credit repair deals today.
Start tracking your leads online with our automated CRM system. Add unlimited leads, mark each lead's disposition (follow-up, do not call, etc.). Our CRM system frees you from the office; access any lead from any web-connected computer -- anywhere in the world!
Our average debt load is above $30,000 in credit card, personal unsecured, and general debt situations. These leads are high octane debt clients actively searching for a debt settlement or management system that works. Increase your conversion rates with these leads today!
We generate compliant opt in Medicare and private insurance diabetic leads. All records come with IP address and time stamp of when the client opted in for more information. CBA zips and states excluded on demand. Close more deals with true opt in diabetic leads from Lead Chemistry.
Find quality opt in education leads that are searching for higher education. Choose from long form edu leads or short. We are generating over 8,000 true opt ins per week in this space. Enroll more students by partnering with Lead Chemistry and start receiving opt in education leads today.
These are compliant internet opt insurance leads. Insurance lead types include auto, home, health and life. Ask about our CRM system to track your opt in insurance leads. Higher conversion and higher talk times. Ramp up your insurance client base today.
Active mortgage owners that are seeking help with their situation. Our high octane loan modification leads are generated in long form. The lead is almost a full completed application. Highest converted lead in the loan mod space guaranteed.
We generate opt in refinance and first time home purchase leads. Choose your LTV and loan amounts. These are true opt in mortgage leads from a network of high ranking mortgage landing websites. Leads are delivered in long form with full contact and mortgage information.
Lead Chemistry

We have lead generation down to a science.
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We offer the best private insurance long form leads for diabetic and other opt in lead verticals. Each lead is self reported opt in exclusive or semi depending on the product. Purchase leads risk free as we will replace any disconnected or wrong numbers.