`Loan modification leads

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At Lead Chemistry we are generating the highest quality Loan modification leads in the industry, all opt in and long form with information such as delinquency and loan amount. All of which are filterable to meet any of your specific needs.

Loan Modification Lead Prices:

•     Call center live transfer dual qualified loan mod lead: $35
•     Internet opt in exclusive loan modification lead: $32
•     Call center dual qualified loan modification appointment: $24
•     Internet opt in semi exclusive health insurance lead: $19
•     Opt in loan modification quote leads (24 – 48 hours): $8
•     Internet opt-in aged loan modification leads (10-15 days): $4
•     Internet opt-in aged (30 days) loan modification leads: 75 cents
•     Internet opt in aged (60-120 days) health insurance leads: 40 cents
•     Credit bureau trigger fresh pull loan modification leads: 25 cents

Please feel free to call or E-mail our office directly for more information.

Phone: 888-315-5415

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