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Thanks for visiting the mass tort leads portion of our blog. We offer benicar leads, ivc filter leads, xarelto leads, hernia mesh leads, round up leads, taxotere leads and many other mass tort lead generation services. Our mass tort leads are all ppc and organic opt in. Each client has requested to be contacted regarding an injury they received allegedly from a medical device or prescription medication. For more information on mass tort leads contact us here.

Ivc filter leads

Xarelto leads

Benicar leads

Hernia mesh leads

Roundup leads

Taxotere leads

PPI acid reflux leads

Essure leads

We look forward to becoming your new mass tort lead generation service.

For a detailed quote please reach out to us below and have a great day.

Phone: 888.315.5415

Email: Info@LeadChemsitry.com

We have lead generation down to a science.!

mass tort leads

Your new mass tort lead generation service.



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