`Diabetic Leads – Bulk clearance private insurance long form.

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Hello we have the following bulk opt in files.

Long form compliant and high in conversion.

Below are the diabetic lead clearance packages to choose from:

Diabetic Long Form Leads:

Over 210,000 leads, All long form, 60% medicare and 40% private insurance.

Diabetic Short Form Leads:

Over 1.2 million leads, All short form, 80% medicare and 20% private insurance.

To complete your order or to receive samples: 888-315-5415

For lead request by email: Info@LeadChemistry.comFind long form diabetic leads buy them cheap.


`Payday Loan Leads

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Our Opt-in payday loan long form leads and are available as approved collections or as approved for funding. They are call center generated opt ins and All records can be purchased from real time or aged.

Payday loan Lead pricing.

•     Call center live transfer dual qualified: $34
•     Internet opt in exclusive lead: $28
•     Call center dual qualified appointment: $22
•     Internet opt in semi exclusive lead: $18
•     Opt in aged (24 – 48 hours): $4
•     Internet opt-in aged payday loan leads (10-15 days): $2
•     Internet opt-in aged (30 days) payday loan leads: 25 cents
•     Internet opt in aged (60-90 days) leads: 18 cents

Please feel free to contact us directly.


Office: 888-315-5415

Email: info@leadchemistry.com



Payday loan leads

`Loan modification leads

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At Lead Chemistry we are generating the highest quality Loan modification leads in the industry, all opt in and long form with information such as delinquency and loan amount. All of which are filterable to meet any of your specific needs.

Loan Modification Lead Prices:

•     Call center live transfer dual qualified loan mod lead: $35
•     Internet opt in exclusive loan modification lead: $32
•     Call center dual qualified loan modification appointment: $24
•     Internet opt in semi exclusive health insurance lead: $19
•     Opt in loan modification quote leads (24 – 48 hours): $8
•     Internet opt-in aged loan modification leads (10-15 days): $4
•     Internet opt-in aged (30 days) loan modification leads: 75 cents
•     Internet opt in aged (60-120 days) health insurance leads: 40 cents
•     Credit bureau trigger fresh pull loan modification leads: 25 cents

Please feel free to call or E-mail our office directly for more information.


Phone: 888-315-5415

E-Mail Address: info@leadchemistry.com


Loan modification leads

`Diabetic Leads

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We have been generating some of the best and highest quality leads in the industry for may years and we dedicate our process to customer satisfaction.

Our Diabetic Long form Leads are generated by using an opt in capture site to gather the customers general information and the contacted by our center to gather information such as Medicare number and doctors information verify, they are also available as medicare or private insurance.

This process ensures all the information is correct and accurate.

You also have the ability to skip the verification and some cost by purchasing our Diabetic Short Form leads for a discounted price.

Long form Diabetic Lead prices:

•     Qualified exclusive live transfer long form diabetic lead: $38
•     Real time exclusive long form diabetic lead: $29
•     One day aged opt-in long form diabetic lead: $8
•     1 day to 5 day diabetic opt-in lead: $6
•     Real 30 day opt-in long form diabetic leads from: 79 cents
•     True 30-60 day opt in long form diabetic leads: 39 cents
•     Opt in long form 90 days to 1 year diabetic leads: 20 cents

Short Form Diabetic Lead Prices:

•     Real time short form opt in diabetic lead: $19
•     24-48 hour short form opt in diabetic lead: $7
•     10 day aged opt in short form diabetic lead: $4
•     30 day aged opt in short form diabetic leads from: 22 cents
•     60 to 90 day aged opt in short form diabetic leads: 10 cents
•     90 day to 1 year opt in short form diabetic leads: 5 cents

Please feel free to call us or Email directly.


Phone: 888-315-5415

Email: info@leadchemistry.com

Diabetic Leads

`Business to business leads

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We have just updated our business to business lead database. Over 22 million business owners with full contact information. Asking .04 cents per lead. Start closing more deals today.

Business 2 business lead prices:

– Fresh pull business to business lead: 5 cents
– Aged business to business lead: 3 cents
– Clearance special: 1 million business owners: $1200

Contact us today for lead samples: 888.315.5415

Email: Info@LeadChemistry.com

Business to business leads
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